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CZ 75 KADET ADAPTER 2 cal. 22 LR, black polycoat 91610

MSRP: $431.00
Our Price: $395.00
You Save: $36.00 (8 %)
In stock
Item Number: 91610
Manufacturer: CZ UB
Manufacturer Part No: 1610


CZ Kadet 2 Conversion  
Includes two magazines

The CZ 75 Kadet 2 conversion kit is a separate accessory for the CZ 75/85 SP01 and 75 Omega model pistol series allowing the firing of .22 LR caliber cartridges. The Kadet adapter features its own sights adjustable for elevation and windage, so the sighting-in of the pistol is not affected.. The kadet adapter will fit any CZ 75, 75B, 75 Omega, 85 or 85B in any caliber. Some minor fitting may be required.

Ships with (2) 10 round .22 LR magazines

Product specifications

Product number (SKU) 01610

Ammo .22 LR
Magazine capacity 10*

Weight 1 lbs
Overall Length 8.1 in
Barrel Length 4.7 in

Sights adjustable

*Where allowed by State Law

(We will cancel all NON USA Orders).
If you order this from outside the USA it requires an

Contact Rob for details on all Exports.

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Product Reviews

(5 Ratings, 4 Reviews) Average Rating:
Andrew Elstein (Jacksonville, FL) 10/31/2009 10:08 AM
Great communication, fast, fast shipping at no extra charge and a great product. My only complaint is CZ needs to hire me as their Sales Manager and spokesperson. Do not listen to reviews on shooting forums about reliability and accuracy and good for just "plinking". You never know who is writing on public forums and you do not know who actually owns the product and knows how to use it!!!This thing is amazing!! Fit my CZ75B stainless without any modification, shoots with near 100% reliability, and is an absolute tack driver!!! At 7 and 15 yards with open sights, you can feather the same hole with the kadet. If I missed the 1 or 2 inch targets, it was my own fault. You can actually pick away at the remaing paper in and around the bullseye with the kadet conversion. I shot Federal bulk ammo, CCI mini mags, Winchester X and all worked about equily as well. I am very pleased and this thing is built to last. All heavy duty steel and no plastic. I wish I had never purchased my Browning Buckmark as the reliabilty and accuracy are not compariable. Plus the Buckmark is very ammo picky and mine only shoot well with Remington Subsonic, low velosity ammo. What else can I say but CZ, I think I can double your sales!!! Thanks again. Andrew
Its pricey but, oh boy, is it fun to shoot!
Paul Kim (Del Mar, CA) 6/14/2009 12:39 AM
And not only that, I get to use the same action as my P01. Its a great piece of kit, it functions as advertised EXCEPT for the slide stop supplied does not work with the P01. CZ-USA is going to send the PCR slide stop which is supposed to work with it - I believe that the thicker alloy frame on the P01 is the problem; the Kadet slide catches on the raised portion of the stop, effectively jamming the Kadet slide. You can widen the gap on the stop and the Kadet slide will work and lock back the slide when the mag is empty. However, I am currently using the P01 slide stop which does not lock back the slide with an empty mag - this way I don't have to worry about carrying another slide stop with me. It doesn't bother me too much that the slide doesn't lock on empty. One complaint I have is the grip on the slide is pretty small so its difficult to get a good grip on it to rack the slide with the hammer down. Small price to pay for an absolutely fun kit to shoot. And CZ-Custom was great in delivering the product on time - have had nothing but great experiences with them.
Andrew Gromowski (Farmington, CT) 5/17/2009 8:29 AM
Great kit, worth the $$$. Easy to install, very accurate on my CZ 85 B.
Kadet kit
Mark German (Orange Park, FL) 5/11/2009 3:22 AM
Just went to the range. It worked great!! Just have to adjust the sights alittle. Took some relatives with me. Both never shot a gun, so it was perfect for them. I also enjoyed shooting it.
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