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JP LRP-07 Long Range Precision Rifle

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Manufacturer: JP Rifles

NEW JP LRP-07™ Long Range Precision Rifle

You asked, and we delivered. Finally, there’s a large frame rifle that has all the technology, performance and attention to detail as the CTR-02™ small frame rifle with the most beautiful receiver system on the market. It seemed that every AR-10 variant had something that I didn’t care for or was missing something that I thought was necessary, so we’ve tried to incorporate the best of all worlds in the new LRP-07™.

I’ve never liked the traditional T-handle for charging an AR-10 because the tension on the action spring and the increased length of stroke made it difficult to use. The additional leverage from the side-operating charging system of the LRP-07™ makes it much easier to handle. You don’t even have to dismount the rifle to charge it or clear it. The charging handle itself folds back out of the way to minimize the profile of the rifle while still affording a large surface area to grip.

The JP/VTAC modular hand guard for the LRP-07™ is also unique. Thanks to an acentric barrel nut assembly, we succeeded in using the 2-inch small-diameter tube (the same typically used on the AR-15 small frame rifles) rather than the 2.25-inch larger hand guards used by most other manufactures for their large frame rifles. You can barely notice it, but the barrel on the LRP-07™ sits slightly low in the hand guard allowing for clearance of the AR-10 gas system in the smaller hand guard. A quarter inch doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a huge difference in the feel and handling of the rifle. We were after a .308 large frame rifle that handled like the AR-15 small frame rifle, and we succeeded. Our 18” lightweight version weighs about the same as a 20” JP-15™ or CTR-02™—very manageable and portable. The 18” lightweight features a mid-length gas system for superior reliability and the softer recoil impulse of the long rifle gas system rather than the short carbine gas system while still delivering nearly maximum velocity from the efficient .308 Winchester cartridge. This version is ideal for hunting, law enforcement perimeter rifle applications and of course, the “Heavy Metal” class in multi-gun competition.

The LRP-07™ features JP Supermatch™ barrels that are air-gauged and cryogenically treated to ensure cold bore shot predictability, resistance to thermal drift on POA and exceptional life expectancy. In .308 Win, we offer the 18” lightweight and a 22” medium contour. As a long-range specialty rifle, the LRP-07™ can be chambered in .260 Remington with a 22” medium-contour 1:8 twist barrel.

The recoil impulse on the LRP-07™ is nothing short of amazing with our new .308 Low Mass Operating System (LMOS™). The first time I test fired one, I thought it felt more like an AR-15 with no compensator and typical 77gr loads—very mild with an extremely fast recovery. As the LRP-07 has been designed from the ground up to use the JP LMOS™, reliability has not been compromised and this system is suitable for both competition and duty applications. Therefore, we do not offer a “heavy” operating system as an option on the LRP-07.

The LRP-07™ is compatible with the Knights SR-25 or DPMS LR-308 magazine systems, and the DPMS magazines are reasonably priced and readily available. The upper receiver features a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail, so the receiver rail and gas block rail allow for any standard AR-15 detachable iron sights, scope mounts or accessories.

Once again, we know you will find the LRP-07™ to be the best rifle in its class—just what you’ve come to expect from JP.

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