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Shadow Custom 2014 BLK

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SP01 Shadow Custom 2014 9mm Black, Custom Gun
sku: 91030


CZ 75 SP01 Shadow Custom 2014 9mm Black New for 2014 Drop in Pre B Short Reset / Swing forward Disconnector Ext Firing Pin, Lighter Spring Pin Spring Custom Version of Shadow 2014 Shadow Competition Rear Sight CZ Fiber Optic Front Sight CZ Custom SA DA Hammer & Main Spring Drop in Pr B Short Reset / Swing forward Disconnector (NEW 2014) Ext Firing Pin, Lighter Spring Pin Spring (NEW 2014) Stainless Steel Guide Rod Tune Trigger Components (Reduces Single and Double action trigger pull) Install and Tune 13lb Main Spring and 11lb Recoil Spring Re profile and Polish Disconnector and associated surfaces. Re Profile Slide Stop For Magazine release with Heavy / Long Bullets Thin Black Aluminum Grips Includes (3) 18 round 9mm magazines We will swap for 10 round magazines for appropriate states Reliability Check. Zero Check with Factory Ammunition Not for sale to CA Not on DOJ Approved List FAQ on trigger Pull The CZ custom hammer will give you a "full" Single Action trigger pull of about 3.0-4.0Lbs , Double action at about 8.0-9.0Lbs. The reason I say full, is that is what the trigger will need to activate fully. I.e. hanging a weight on the trigger. If we could actually weight the break point of the sear less the trigger return spring, The actual beak point of the sear hammer engagement is about 1.5/2.0Lbs the rest is the trigger return spring, since we normally don't let the trigger all the way forward for subsequent shot the sear break point matter more then overall trigger weight. To lighten the trigger more it is necessary to lighten the trigger return spring, this can be done by careful bending, also replace the mainspring with something lighter a 13lb or 15lb mainspring, this depends on the type of ammo you are going to shoot? I shoot a 13Lb mainspring, having said that I load my own ammo so can choose the primer sensitivity. Pre B Short Reset Disconnector Drop in Short reset disconnector. This is a CZ UB PRE-B disconnector!!!!! Recently we acquired some used Pre B CZ 75 pistols, on careful examination we were surprised to see how short the reset (Swing forward) was on the trigger, so we took them apart and discovered that the disconnector was different from current manufacture pistols.So we ordered a bunch of CZ Pre-B Disconnectors from CZ UB. After extensive testing we have found this part to work in all NON Firing pin block CZ 75/85/SP01 Shadow Pistols. Obviously, when the factory added the firing pin blocks to pistols the old Disconnector did not allow enough movement forward for the firing pin blocks to reset. Also since it is a CZ B factory part under the rules it should be legal for IPSC and USPSA (Check you rule book) FYI The above work can be carried out on any and all standard SA / DA style CZ Pistols. We do work on Decoker Models the cost is slightly higher. If you have a question please feel free to ask further questions or email me for a quote for work to be done on your own CZ firearm. We can do almost anything to CZ Pistols ?The Impossible we do at once, Miracles take a little longer? Please read the Firearms Purchase and Shipping & Returns

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SKU 91030
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  1. Best CZ 75 review by zhao on 9/17/2016

    The Short reset dis connector is amazing. The trigger pull of this pistol is defferent than any other CZ I have own (about 6). In SA model, it is very short and crispy. It feels like my colt 1911!

    Amazing gun.

  2. Best CZ 75 review by zhao on 9/16/2016

    Best pistol I ever owned. The trigger now feels like a 1911. Much better than my other CZ75.

  3. Tack Driver! review by BASE772 on 3/31/2016

    I was a little leery of getting a fixed sight pistol. Had them before and a pain in the ass if you don't have the tools to move and replace them.
    I shoot 147 gr SNS FP's also and CZC doesn't test with 147 grain ammo. I went ahead and ordered one anyway. My SP-01 Shadow Custom is dead on and accurate! Could not be happier. Will be ordering another one. First 2000 rounds without any failures so far.

    Thank you CZC!

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