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sku: 40754
Made in: United States

Due to government restrictions this item is for sale in the US only.


WRS DUTY HOLSTER DOH. This WRS is designed to mimic the traditional standard thumbreak that is in use on our standard level two holsters as well as many other duty style holsters on the market today. It has a spring loaded hood that allows it to spring forward when released. The hood is activated by pushing the lever to the side as with our standard thumbreak system. You DO NOT push down and forward. You push the thumb-lock inward toward the body to release. The WRS allows for easy securing of the gun after being returned to the holster by simply rotating the hood back over the gun. The holster comes with our duty drop and offset attachment. This attachment works great with the WRS and allows the gun to clear body armor. (Available in right hand only at this time) Notice that WRS locking latch cannot be locked, if the gun is cocked.

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SKU 40754
Weight 0.6250
US Only Yes
Manufacturer No
Free Shipping N/A
Size Ladies XS
Color Grip N/A
Sight Height N/A
Material N/A
Color N/A

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  1. WRS locking mechanism problems and eventually broke down review by Timo Kiviharju (Finland) on 6/1/2015

    I used this holster with CZ 75 SP01 Shadow. Immediately I noticed a problem. CZ´s are often carried cocked and safety on (and shadow doesn't have a firing pin block) and this holster does not allow it. The latch will touch the hammer and won't lock into place. My solution was that I dremeled a small cut into the latch and the holster worked fairly ok until the latch snapped into two pieces during a competition. Latch isn't as flexible or durable as those in Safarilands. One other problem with WRS type locking is that when stress builds up and there´s a lot of noise and action, sometimes you think you have pressed the latch release button hard enough just to find the latch still locked. At the same time you have of course tried to pull the gun from the holster, which causes the gun to touch the latch and the latch now won't open until you push the gun back to the holster and press the button again. Tedious and definitely not duty safe! With Safariland 6004 you´ll always know when the latch is open because you move it with your thumb. With WRS you have to rely on the feel and sound of the ""snap"" the latch makes when it opens. You also have to push the button fairly hard. If you want a tactical holster for SP01, buy for example Dasta or IMI or something from Ghost International, or modify a holster from Safariland by using heat. Bladetech works fairly well as a friction holster but do yourself a favour and steer away from the WRS models.

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