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CZ 75 ACCU Shadow LITE 9mm Black

Quick Overview

ACCU 75 Shadow LITE 9mm BLACK (91736)

weight: 39.1 ounces with empty magazine

USPSA Production approved.

Fits IDPA box.

sku: 91736
Made in: United States

Due to government restrictions this item is for sale in the US only.

Availability: In stock



Built on CZ 75 Shadow Custom (91715) with Factory Barrel


  • *Now* Fully Adjustable Rear Sight
  • CZC 1.0mm Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • CZC ACCU Stainless steel barrel bushing.
  • CZC ACCU Stainless steel reverse plug.
  • CZC SHORT reset trigger system “CZC SRTS”

These modifications have been added to the already customized CZ Custom 75 Shadow (91715)

We have been very busy at the CZ Custom Shop over the last few months. We have been working and perfecting some new products and parts for the SP01 Shadow and the CZ 75 Shadow.

Let’s talk about the difference

The new barrel bushing is threaded into the slide; the bushing is fitted to the barrel creating far less play than the current bushing system. The bushing also retains the new stainless steel guide plug.

The bushing keeps the front sight in the slide so no pin is necessary or needed (fitting the pin will damage the bushing threads.)

The bushing will need to be removed before the barrel can be taken from the gun.

Ransom Rest testing at 50 yards with Fiocchi 125 JHP (A ZERO bullet) has proved group of less than 3” compared with a factory new gun at about 5.0”. At 25 yards the groups were around 1.2” a one-hole group.

This can be retrofitted by CZC to any CZ with a full width slide.

What’s new and very exciting is the CZC SHRT reset trigger system. People have been asking for a shorter faster reset without the trigger swinging all the way forward in SA mode, now we have it.

We have taken almost all of the forward movement out of the single action position with the trigger moving on average less than a 1/16 (0.0625”) before stopping. We have basically created a 1911 single action on a double action gun.

All of the parts are retrofittable on a customer existing pistol. The CZC Bushing and Plug and the “CZC SHORT Reset Trigger System” will be CZC fit only. The CZC HAJO can be supplied as a part for customer fitting and will require a 7.5mm Front sight.

Supplied with:

  • (1) Bushing Wrench
  • (3) 18 round 9mm magazines. We will swap for 10 round magazines for appropriate states

Additional Information

SKU 91736
Weight 6.0000
US Only Yes
Manufacturer No
Free Shipping No
Size Ladies XS
Color Grip N/A
Material No
Color N/A

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  1. Great Shooter review by Charles (Tn) on 6/1/2015

    Simply put - this is the best handgun I have ever shot. I had the SA trigger installed - smooth short pull with no wasted motion on uptake or reset. My competition scores instantly improved. The gun is disappointed with me because it shoots way better than I can.

  2. Awesome gun, worth the $$ review by Kris VanWagner (Westminster, CO) on 6/1/2015

    I'm not going to lie, its a pricey gun, but if you want the best gun for competition/marksmanship this is an outstanding choice. The accuracy is unreal, the weight and recoil (or lack of I should say) is awesome too! I gave the gun 4 stars (if i could do 4.75 stars I would) for a few reasons. The finish on CZ guns suck. It doesn't effect function, but they really should up this part of their game a bit. Even Cerakote would last longer than the factory finish you get on a CZ. I know CZC isn't responsible for this, but just wanted to point it out. Also I detracted from my rating because this gun is not currently USPSA Production legal. That's right the heavier longer dust covered SP01 is,but this gun is not yet. The production numbers aren't there yet is what I was told, but I was never answered when I asked how close it was to hitting the numbers. This sucks because I bought this gun for USPSA Production. It will however work for USPSA Limited (minor) IDPA SSP, and ESP, and I run it in local matches for USPSA production regardless....
    if a heavier gun that's almost the same is legal, IMO this is legal too. Other than that, this gun (to me) is perfection in a 37oz package. If you are on the fence, order one you won't regret it!

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