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  • CZ 75 SP01 Shadow TARGET Custom Black CZ 75 SP01 Shadow TARGET Custom Black
  • CZ 75 SP01 Shadow TARGET Custom Black CZ 75 SP01 Shadow TARGET Custom Black

CZ 75 SP01 SHADOW TARGET 9mm (CZC Custom Pistol)

Quick Overview

sku: 91159
Made in: United States

Due to government restrictions this item is for sale in the US only.



  • Fully Adjustable Rear Sight Machine into the slide for Extreme Low Mount and Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • Ext. firing pin and light FP spring
  • CZ Custom SA DA Hammer & Main Spring
  • Stainless Steel Guide Rod
  • Tune Trigger Components (Reduces Single and Double action trigger pull)
  • Install and Tune 13lb Main Spring and 11lb Recoil Spring
  • Re profile and Polish Dis connector and associated surfaces.
  • Re Profile Slide Stop For Magazine release with Heavy / Long Bullets
  • Polish underside of Dis connector rail and break breach face edge
  • Thin Black Aluminum grips
  • Includes (3) 18 round 9mm magazines We will swap for 10 round magazines for appropriate states
  • Reliability Check. Zero Check with Factory Ammunition
  • AQ on trigger Pull
    The CZ custom hammer will give you a "full" trigger pull of about 3.8 to 4.2lbs but creep free.  The reason I say ?full? is that is what the trigger will need to activate fully. I.e. hanging a weight on the trigger. If we could actually weight the break point of the sear less the trigger return spring, The actual beak point of the sear hammer engagement is about 1.5/2.0Lbs the rest is the trigger return spring, since we normally don't let the trigger all the way forward for subsequent shot the sear break point matter more then overall trigger weight. To lighten the trigger more it is necessary to lighten the trigger return spring, this can be done by careful bending, also replace the mainspring with something lighter a 13lb or 15lb mainspring, this depends on the type of ammo you are going to shoot? I shoot a 13Lb mainspring, having said that I load my own ammo so can choose the primer sensitivity and depth.
    The above work can be carried out on any and all standard SA / DA style CZ Pistols. We do work on Decoker Models the cost is slightly higher. If you have a question please feel free to ask further questions or email me for a quote for work to be done on your own CZ firearm. We can do almost anything to CZ Pistols ?The Impossible we do at once, Miracles take a little longer? CZSP

Additional Information

SKU 91159
Weight 6.0000
US Only Yes
Manufacturer No
Free Shipping No
Size No
Color Grip N/A
Sight Height N/A
Material No
Color No

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  1. Excellent Target Pistol review by AMM (Northern VA) on 6/2/2015

    Highly recommended, and CZ Custom’s customer service has been excellent. I’m not a competitive shooter, but have over 30 yrs experience including military training and use of multiple match grade pistols. Purchased the CZ 75 Shadow Target Custom as a practice pistol to improve my shooting skills – and to use with a light mounted as a nightstand gun. Over the last four months I’ve fired over 3000 rounds with this pistol. Out of the box I had a few FTF’s due to hard primers on factory RWS/GECO loads. CZ Custom sent me a 15 lb spring at no extra charge – install required a punch but was easy. I also installed an extended firing pin so I can run a variety of factory loads. With the 15 lb spring the trigger pull is slightly heavier, which is probably better given my use as a nightstand gun. Since the pin and spring changes I have had no FTE or FTF with multiple brands of 124 gr std vel FMJ and JHP ammo including Speer, Federal, RWS, and PMC. This pistol is extremely comfortable to shoot, points well, has a smooth trigger and excellent sights for my > 50 YO eyes. It is far more accurate than I am; my groups have improved rapidly and I'm very happy with the pistol.

  2. Not a Glock, thank God! review by Daniel PAYNE (Alexandria, VA) on 6/2/2015

    Beautiful gun! Absolutely perfect in design execution, craftsmanship, ergonomics, handling and shooting! This is the ultimate CZ. Yes, yes, I know, it is twice the price of the Glock your unemployable red headed step son who lives in the basement loves and brags about. There’s a reason he’s enamored by the plastic striker fired extremely cheap to manufacture Austrian tool and it isn’t the same reason you’d buy the CZ. Go ahead and treat yourself to a once in a lifetime example of shear contempt for the ordinary and get the SP-O1 Target. You’ll never look back and you’ll be looking forward to your next range session. Daniel

  3. Amazing Steel review by Paul B (Smyrna, GA) on 6/1/2015

    I decided not to mess around with my first firearm purchase and dropped a penny on this magnificent gun. How did I wind up buying a CZ over all the other over-hyped brands. All that matters is that I wound up with a CZ. Now I am hooked. It's not ""finished"" like a Kimber, nor does it have the instant name recognition of a Browning Hi-Power or Glock 19, but it is a flawless machine. I've put at least a 1000 rounds through this gun in the past few weeks without a single FTE or FTL and it eats cheap ammo like a kid eats candy.
    Construction, accuracy, and ergonomics are stellar. And even though I am not a beast of a guy, I prefer the weight of steel guns. The work CZ-Custom did on the trigger and other components make the Shadow Target a dream to shoot. I added the thin aluminum red grips and a fantastic leather-lined Kydex holster from Garrett Industries. As a former Marine told me, this is a gun for shooters. Finally, CZ-Custom is a top-notch outfit. Especially want to thank Rob and Stuart for their assistance.

  4. Incredible Weapon review by Richard Bequette (Peoria, AZ) on 6/1/2015

    I'm fortunate enough to live in the Phoenix area, so was able to drive to Ghost Products to handle, feel and discuss my choices with Rob in their shop. I am an older, retired cop who still loves to shoot, has several guns and I qualify each year for my LEOSA permit, normally with a customized Browning HP. I recently inherited an XDm-9 and despite liking the looks and feel of the gun, counldn't get a decent trigger release for love or money. Had to start over and qualify with a Sig carry pistol. I saw, and handled, a stock CZ 75 at the range and loved the looks. That set me to doing research, which led to the Custom shop (not far from the range where I qualify), and I spent several hours online reading every description, modification and part info before I paid them a visit. I had two main requirements; a clear, clean sight picture and a smooth, tuned trigger pull. That said, I looked at 3-4 of their ""custom"" guns, but found that while they had improved triggers, hammers and sights, the internals were not polished and tuned simply as a matter of course, but that service was available (at additional expense, of course). Then Rob showed me two guns that WERE fully tuned; one with AL grips and one with Cocobolo grips. The spec sheet says the second gun (an SP09 Shadow T) had a DA pull of 7.12 and the SA of 3.15 oz. I later watched a video of Angus and Rob at a gunshow showing a full line of their pistols and this particular gun (as ID'd by the unique grain in the grip) was one of their ""show"" guns (which explained the worn finish on one of the grips). I took it to the range and fired three mags through it and it shoots like a dream. I will have NO trouble qualifying with this puppy, and may even shoot scores like I did years ago. Bottom line, the fully custom tuned SP-01 is $1200 plus tax, but IMHO, darn well worth it. I had looked at a Kimber 9mm for the same price, but it was not nearly the gun this one is. If you can afford a few extra bucks, go first class

  5. I'm convinced review by Randy Stevens (Overland Park, KS) on 6/1/2015

    I'm convinced this is the best handgun I've ever owned. I shoot in a pistol league and my scores inproved by 40 points the first night out! I absouletely love shooting this gun.

  6. First Pistol Purchased and I am in LOVE!!!! review by Marita (East Coast) on 6/1/2015

    After much research I decided to purchase the CZ 75 SP01 Shadow Target as my first competition pistol for IDPA (definitely worth the wait). I have had my baby for about a month now and I could not be happier. CZ Custom out of Arizona has been a great help... I plan on shopping here again in the near future for my next CZ. Thank you Stewart and Robert.

  7. Awesome!!!! review by Arthur Jackson (Naples, FL) on 6/1/2015

    I'm just blown away by my cz shadow. The most high quality firearm I own. Trigger job is great, reset just a little longer than I expected but I am not complaining. Extremely accurate will hit anything that you point it at and recoil isn't in the shadows dictionary. Do yourself a favor and get a cz you won't regret it, especially if it's from the cz custom shop, guys know what they're doing. Will probably be the only handguns I'll choose from now on.

  8. AWSOME WEAPON review by Francis E Renosky (Indiana, PA) on 6/1/2015

    I've owned and shot numerous autos and this is by far the BEST QUALITY and Workmanship. Accuracy is TOP NOTCH, I just Love cutting the Mr Yuck Stickers out of the Targets at 25 yards. This Masterpiece is Flawless ! I have always been a Para Fan but they couldn't supply my needs for a SA/DA Pistol. Next Stop will be for the 97B .45 fully tuned with adjustable Sights. Don't waste your money on the Cheap Imports or the Frilly Looks BUY A REAL Piece of Art that will never fail you ! GO FOR THE FILET MIGNON.. NOT THE BURGER ! THANKS CZ CUSTOM!

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