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CZ75B SOLID Firing Pin Retaining Pin

Quick Overview

Replacement SOLID Steel Firing Pin Retaining pin.
Rounded on one end for easier insertion.
Dimpled on the other so the roll pin punch doe not slip.
Precision machined.
The Dimpled side of this pin is a LARGER DIMENSION, so the pin need to be installed round end first.
To remove, it need to drifted out the reverse of the way it went in.
The Pin may be tight in the hole and a punch will be needed to install the pin.
This tight fit is what keeps the pin in place!.

Due to slide tolerances, the hole may need to be reamed with a .1260 reamer. SKU 30311

Will fit all CZ 75,85B, SP01,P07,P09,97B, and 2075 RAMI Models
sku: 10245
Made in: United States

Due to government restrictions this item is for sale in the US only.

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