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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Currently we do not process or ship orders from outside of the United States

We have been asked many times: "Will CZ parts fit to EAA/Tanfoglio/Springfield P9 and other clones?"

Generally speaking, Almost ALL clone part are slightly different from CZ parts, in size and position and CZ parts will not fit!


Due to variations in manufacturing tolerance of the base firearms, some replacment / custom parts may require fitting.

We always suggest the use of a good gunsmith for fitting ALL parts.

When sending a gun for custom work, please download and fill out this form

Can CZ Custom ship to my country?

Find your country's shipping restrictions here:

If you are ordering a custom pistol that is out of stock, or in process, please call to order from Rob or Stuart.

For non-stock and order status related question please use following Contact Form »

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DW ECP, 9mm,  black, alloy

sku: 91884

CZ 75 HUSH 9mm

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CZC P10C Ext Mag Catch

sku: 16061

CZ Scorpion EVO Trigger Housing #61

sku: 19361

Regular Price: $90.00

Special Price $75.00

CZ Scorpion EVO Hammer #57

sku: 19357

Regular Price: $100.00

Special Price $80.00

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