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We Export All Exportable Firearms Worldwide

Required Documents, Instructions and Fee Schedule

  • Certified copy and translation of your import permit;
  • Certified copy and translation of your firearms permit (where applicable);
  • Written, signed, dated order for the merchandise (preferably on letterhead), which includes quantities, prices, and an end-use statement;
  • Original U.S. form DSP-83 (for semi-auto rifles and when ordering over 50 firearms, please see additional information below)

Export of Semi-Automatic Firearms

  • For the export of semi-automatic firearms, the Office of Defense Trade Controls in Washington, D.C. requires, in addition to the export documents listed above, an original and signed Form DSP-83, Non-transfer and Use Certificate.
  • If you are the end-user and you do not require the firearm to be transferred to you via a dealer in your home country, you only need to complete item 7. If your local regulations require the firearm to go to a licensed dealer who then transfers the firearm to you, then item number 6 will also have to be completed by the dealer.
  • Furthermore, please refrain from completing any field that is not required and also do not make any notes or other marks on the form, as this document is submitted, as an original, to the U.S. Government.
  • Once this form is complete and signed by all parties required, it must be sent to us via the postal service. Only ORIGINAL documents may be submitted!
  • Also, the Department of State has updated its regulations to state that the DSP-83 form does not take the place of an end-use statement by the customer.

We charge a per-gun Permit and Processing Fee of 10% of the purchase price per-gun-values. The minimum charge is $100.

Effective Immediately as of September 25, 2008: We must charge a fee of $250 every export license fee that is approved by the U.S. State Department. This is legally required by the U.S. State Department.

This fee is per permit, NOT per item. Multiple items as you wish may be on one permit application. Please understand that this fee is in ADDITION to all others, and does not remain with us, but is remitted entirely to the U.S. State Department.

Country Policies and Embargoes

Contact Rob (480) 969-1311 for details or send EMAIL

Specific Exports

JP Rifles