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CZ Rear Sight Pusher

Quick Overview

Easily move the fixed rear sight on your CZ Pistols.

Works for all CZ 75 / 85 Pistols P07/P09 and CZ 97B Pistols.

Pusher clamps to the slide for precision adjustment. No more need for hammer and vise to easily adjust you fixed read sight.

This is a sight adjustment tool and was never designed for complete removal or insertion of rear sight.

Sights should be tapped in until they have correctly settled in the dovetail and then the adjuster used to center or adjust. If the block was bigger the potential for putting the sight in incorrectly grows exponentially.

sku: 30320
Manufacturer: CZ CUSTOM
Made in: United States

Due to government restrictions this item is for sale in the US only.

Availability: In stock