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sku: 91049
Made in: United States


*NEW FEATURE- Short Reach DA


Starting with the light weight 9mm Compact P01, we have created a new carry model pistol.

We created what we consider one of our Ultimate CZ Compact Carry gun. The gun uses the CZ SA DA Competition hammer in a decoker format. Single Action trigger at approx 3.5-4.0 lbs Crisp and smooth, Double Action at a smooth 7.5 / 8.5 Lbs. Firing pin block are left intact but smoothed and Polished. Overall gun has been de horned for a smooth feel, decoker has been cut back to be less obtrusive.


  • Heinie Straight 8.
  • Tritium Front Sight.
  • Octagon slide.
  • Flat top slide.
  • Slide Relief Cut on front of Slide.
  • Slim Checkered Aluminum Grips panels.
  • Trigger job.
  • Custom SA DA Decocker Hammer.
  • Short Reset Trigger.
  • *NEW* Short Reach DA trigger
  • weight 24 ounces - pistol without magazine inserted
  • (2) 14 round 9mm carry magazines We will swap for 10 round magazines for appropriate states

The Pro Tek Story
The story behind the development of the Pro-Tek models starts like this Angus always carried a sub-compact model.  Our facility is located in a commercial area and we frequently work the weekends playing catch up mostly. It was a Saturday afternoon Angus heard a banging thought it was someone stopping by with a parts delivery. After opening the door in the warehouse he sees across the street a car with an individual pointing a shot gun at him. Angus drew his sub-compact and took a sight picture realizing now that the short sight radius wouldn’t forgive any inaccuracy in sight alignment he thought better and didn’t return fire. Angus is a well trained in tactical scenarios and also a quite accomplished shooter. If Angus didn’t feel good about the shot could someone with less training make that shot?

The decision was made to go to the Compact models for the additional sight radius and more capacity. The problem was they weren’t comfortable to carry. So the ideas were brewing at that point. We have done lots of 1911 work in the past and melting down the pistol is quite common. We also know that removing some of the mass of the slide will allow the slide to move faster. This allows for quicker recovery and less mass reciprocating. Novak style sights were added for their low drag and resistance to snagging on clothing. We used tritium inserts in the sights since most encounters aren’t in bright light but in lower light situations.

What do we do to the Pro-Tek models? Why do they cost so much? We start with the PCR or P01 model we debur or dehorn the slide frame and controls. We blend the aluminum grips to match the frame so there are no edges to bother the skin or body. To reduce slide mass we CNC cut 45's and flat top, then surface grind for a perfect smooth finish to reduce mass. We machine a Heinie cut into the slide for the Heinie Straight 8. We install a custom made Trijicon front sight. We open up the magwell to make reloads smoother and easier. Most of this work is done by hand (blending) then we send the frames out for hard anodizing. The process takes about 8 hours or so. The result in my opinion one of the most comfortable and easiest to shoot carry guns available.

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SKU 91049
Weight 6.0000
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